These movable bronze sculptures of mythical soldiers struck the hours on the Dubrovnik City Bell Tower, built in 1444-5, for more than four centuries. They are believed to have been cast around 1478, nineteen years before the making of the bronze Moors which strike the hours on the Torre dell'Orologio in Venice to this day. The quality of their making classifies the Bronze Jacks as first-rate monuments of culture. The ravages of time, climatic conditions (air moisture and salts, oscillations in temperature) and repeated inexpert repairs have called for urgent conservation intervention on the statues.


The Croatian Apoxyomenos is one of the rare preserved Greek statues which used to adorn Greek temples and cities, especially their training grounds (gymnasion, palaistra). The statue was raised from the sea in the vicinity of the islet of Vele Orjule near Lošinj, in 1999. After comprehensive conservation work, which took all of six years, it was presented to the public in Zagreb in 2006, together with an extensive exhibition.

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